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ShuffleComp: Disc 2 Entries

This event had 17 entries. These are the games, the pseudonyms the authors used (in parentheses), and the songs that inspired them. Asterisks denote commendation. All the games can also be downloaded in a zip folder.

Ansible by Jacques Frechet.

By the Lake by Marius Müller (Eldridge Murray)

Comrade by Roger Carbol (Urist Uristson)

Everything We Do Is Games by Doug Orleans

*False Mavis by Ted Casaubon (Litany Brisket)

Heading East by Hugo Labrande (Alex Davies)

The Mayor and the Machine by J. Marie

*Molly and the Butter Thieves by Alice Grove (Cosmic Hamster)

Pool Dominator by Andrew Watt (Destiny Spearmint)

Running Down a Dreamland by (Wes Eas)

*The Skeleton Key of Ambady by Caelyn Sandel (Adalai Trammels)

The Songbird, the Woman and the Silver Casket by (Taryn Quinn)

*Starry Seeksorrow by Caleb Wilson (Ayla Rose)

Submerge by Joshua Houk (Carlos Percival Saldanha)

Texas Instruments Theater by Socks Meanie (Winston Ian Parrish)

*To Spring Open by Peter Berman and Yoon Ha Lee (Two-Bit Chip)

*When the Land Goes Under the Water by Bruno Dias (Nikephoros De Kloet)