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Source Text for Gaia's Web

[This source text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License ( You can take chunks of the source, except text that is printed to the game screen (the "say" phrases), and incorporate them into your games.

The source text is a little over 42000 words with about another 1000 words as comments. The comments are based on my interpretations and preferences. Notably, I use a screen reader. The text will probably have some idiosyncratic formatting that I didn't detect. This is also why I use hardcoded paragraph breaks. The code was compiled using version 6L38 of Inform 7.]

Include Extended Banner by Stephen Granade.

The Story headline is "Interactive Quality Assurance". The Story genre is "Mystery".

The story description is "Correcting bugs in video games wasn't supposed to be like this. Then again, S.hip of Theseus isn't a typical game. As a titan, you maintain the real-world experience of the game players. When you lose contact with one of them, the fix isn't a bit of code. It's real. And the problem is much more dangerous than you ever expected.

Gaia's Web puts a different spin on the conspiracy established in the fictional game S.hip of Theseus and prepares you for S.hip's official sequel, Re.constructing the Ship of Theseus. The secret is out; it's up to you to uncover it.".

The story creation year is 2016. The Release number is 1.

The story copyright string is "2016".

Use no deprecated features, serial comma, and American dialect.

Release along with an interpreter, source text, library card, and cover art ("A ghostly white spider web glistens in the dark of night. Gaia's Web is printed along the top in white.").

Include Alternatives by Eric Eve.

Include Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold.

Include Numbered Disambiguation Choices by Aaron Reed.

Include Object Kinds by Brady Garvin.

Include Real-time Delays by Erik Temple.

Include Basic Hyperlinks by Emily Short. Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short. Include Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short. Include Punctuation Removal by Emily Short. Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.

Include Common Commands Sidebar by Alice Grove.

Include Undo Output Control by Erik Temple.

[From Disambiguation Control. This extension also has a use option to avoid the parser filling in nouns for incomplete commands, but it causes a compilation error.]

Use no multiple suggestions.

Figure of gamecover is the file "cover.png".</

Volume -World Parameters

Book - Kinds, Variables, and Descriptors

Book - Activities, Actions, and Rules

Volume - Introduction

Book - The Quest

Book - The Office

Volume - HarborMaster Tasks

Book - Task One

Book - Task Two

Book - Task Three

Volume - Hidden Reality

Book - Egg Hunt and Hidden Server