gwelks: Nigel Jayne's Interactive Fiction Site

Nigel's Office

Nigel Jayne sits at his desk, typing on his laptop. The computer reads aloud the words as he types them. The computerized voice says something that sounds like "gwelks." You see the word "Glulx" on the monitor. Above the desk is a PhD degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology, but the recipient's name isn't Nigel. Books and magazines lie scattered around a scanner next to the computer, and more books fill a bookcase. Music that wouldn't be heard on a top 40 station plays on a stereo. Gathered around Nigel are the ghostly figures of two terriers, a black cat, and a parakeet kept in its ethereal cage.

A mailbox is open, ready for , and you notice the box is stamped with the address, nigelsjayne (

You can follow the flickering torchlight down the southwest tunnel to the antechamber or play some of Nigel's games in the reading room through the south passage. From the antechamber, tunnels also snake northwest to the IF console where you can depart to other IF worlds, and to the west where the ShuffleComp arena hosts an event for music-inspired IF.