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Source Text for A Fly on the Wall, or An Appositional Eye

[This source text is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License ( You can take chunks of the source, except text that is printed to the game screen (the "say" phrases, the contents being copyright), and incorporate them into your games.

The source text is almost 40 000 words with about another 1000 words as comments. The comments are based on my interpretations and preferences. Notably, I use a screen reader. The text will probably have some idiosyncratic formatting that I didn't detect. This is also why I use hard coded paragraph breaks.

The source code for the vorple and hypertext (Squiffy) versions are also available at This version was compiled using Inform 7 6L38.]

Include Extended Banner by Stephen Granade.

The Story headline is "Interactive Apposition". The story genre is "Horror".

The story description is "The Harrison Mansion is closing after 45 years of delighting its visitors with collections of the weird and recreations of the macabre. The night before, the Fortean Society of New England gathers in the haunt to celebrate its history and investigate its reputation as a real house of horrors. You volunteer to take a shift in the Fly eye, a room with five monitors that watch the most haunted corners within the house. You can't watch all five simultaneously, though, so what exactly will you see?"

The story creation year is 2017. The Release number is 1.

The story copyright string is "2017".

Use no deprecated features, serial comma, and American dialect.

Release along with source text, an interpreter and cover art ("A fly with a large head is standing on a wall in a corner of the room. His eyes are big orange orbs with red stripes. 'A Fly on the Wall' is printed in white along the top of the image.").

Include Alternatives by Eric Eve.

Include Disambiguation Control by Jon Ingold.

Include Second Gender by Felix Larsson.

Include Numbered Disambiguation Choices by Aaron Reed.

Include Multiple Sounds by Massimo Stella.

Include Objects Matching Snippets by Mike Ciul.

Include Basic Hyperlinks by Emily Short. Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short. Include Glulx Entry Points by Emily Short. Include Punctuation Removal by Emily Short. Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.

Include Undo Output Control by Erik Temple.

[From Disambiguation Control. This extension also has a use option to avoid the parser filling in nouns for incomplete commands, but it causes a compilation error.]

Use no multiple suggestions.

Sound of theme is the file "Techno-Celebration.ogg".

Sound of door creaking is the file "door-creak.ogg".

Sound of book falling is the file "book-falling.ogg".

Sound of dolly is the file "dolly.ogg".

Sound of girl giggling is the file "girl-giggling.ogg".

Sound of girl giggling too is the file "girl-giggling-too.ogg".

Sound of static is the file "static.ogg".

The file of followed perspectives is called "AFOTWStories".

Figure of gamecover is the file "cover.png".

Volume -World Descriptors and Mechanics

Book - Classifying, Populating, and Describing the World

Book - Phrases and Relations/

Book - Activities, Rules, and Actions

Volume - The Mysteries

Book - People and Places

Volume - Processing and Turn Sequence Rules

Book - processing Rules